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The End of Faith” is a fantastic album, which is set to release on October 16th, 2017 and is BLOODHUNTER’s second full-length album. Many listeners will want more from BLOODHUNTER after listening to it.  Like ARCH ENEMY’s albums, “The End of Faith” begins with an instrumental called, “The Forbidden Zone” to set the mood.  It instantly captivates the listener. It has a MORS PRINCIPIUM EST influence to it.  The rest of the album flows smoothly leaving the listener completely satisfied. BLOODHUNTER is not shy and listeners will welcome them with open arms. They invoke the listener’s eardrums with distinctive bass lines, flawless guitar shreds, lively solos, and aggressive rhythms that intrigue and make your head continuously bang.  Their lyrics are filled with dark imagery entwined with words of wisdom. They aren’t afraid to unleash what they have to offer. [...]

13 Sep. 2017

Invisible Oranges


"[...]Like the whole of The End Of Faith, “The Forbidden Zone” places guitarist Fenris front and center. Fenris (with an “s”) is a shredder in the neoclassical tradition, one who fills his solos with sweep picking and crisp articulation. The ten original tracks are all written with this in mind, and each clears out plenty of space for Fenris to do his thing. This is often an utter delight. Fenris’ playing has a wonderful mix of deftness and flair, floating through blistering arpeggios with easy grace, but stringing those sequences along with an ear for drama. Take the solo section of “All These Souls Shall Serve Forever,” where Fenris alternates sandwiches a stirring harmonized lead between two dizzying runs up and down the fretboard, creating a clear and captivating arc.

Fenris displays this same sense of contrast in his approach to rhythm guitar. Here, he returns the favor to rest of the band for their supportive playing during his solos. As a rhythm guitarist Fenris is still overtly technical, sneaking some flutters into the verse of “Spirits of Sin”, but he steps back to allow singer Diva Satanica full command of the audience’s attention. At their best, the two of them, along with bassist Éadrom and drummer for hire Marcelo Aires, are unstoppable, capable of roiling ferocity on the verse of “Eyes Wide Open”.

[...] The End Of Faith is itself a defender of the faith in extreme metal’s big tent potential.


Necromance 2017

"The End of Faith es simplemente una nueva confirmación de que en aquí hay bandas de una tremenda calidad y que esa creencia de que lo de afuera es siempre mejor, hay que ir desterrándola de una vez. La banda para aquellos que no hayan seguido la trayectoria de estos músicos, está formada por Diva Satanica, voz, Fenris, guitarras y Éadrom al Bajo. Para esta grabación han contado con Marcelo Aires, como músico de sesión, haciéndose cargo de la batería. Tres años después de su debut “Bloodhunter”, nos traen este “Final de la Fé” y se nota una mayor madurez en todos los aspectos en la banda, un estilo que desde una base Death Metal, toma múltiples influencias de otros estilos, sin darle la espalda a meter melodía, técnica a raudales, Groove… cosa que hace este nuevo álbum muy variado y ameno de escuchar. Pero sobre todo lo que a mí me ha maravillado es el grandísimo trabajo de su guitarrista Fenris, músico con un tremendo dominio del instrumento, técnico y con buen gusto por las melodías y los solos de guitarra de gran calidad. Pero no pensemos que la labor de los otros componentes es inferior, Diva Satanica, a la voz suena potente y oscura, demostrando un dominio del estilo realmente destacable. Éadrom al bajo, también acompaña con potentes y variadas líneas de bajo."

26 Aug. 2017

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