BLOODHUNTER Official Website

BLOODHUNTER is an extreme metal band born in Galician lands in 2008 from the hand of sole founding member and main songwriter, Fenris (ex-Shroud of Tears, ex-Yidorah). After several changes in their lineup and concept, Diva Satanica joins the band, whose guttural vocal assault helped drift the band into more extreme territories.

The current lineup is established in late 2012, with their first work seeing the light in early 2013.

THE FIRST INSURRECTION, the first Demo of the lineup, includes 2 songs preceded by an introduction that warns us of its impetuous content. "Saints of Sand" stands out as the first single.  Brutal, savage and energetic, clearly manifesting the band's intentions.

Mixed and mastered by its founder, the logo was made by the artist Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel, Legion of the Damned...) and the artwork and photography by Raquel Blanco (Blood Red Throne, Otargos, Hate...).

After garnering very good reviews with this first work, BLOODHUNTER surprise us with their self-titled LP produced by Daniel Cardoso and Pedro Mendes at Ultrasound Studios in Braga (Portugal). For this new work the artwork and design is provided by Maggot Meister from All Things Rotten (Astarte, Children of Bodom, Edguy, Eluveitie, Hirax, Skull Fist...).

Eleven tracks that include updated versions of the 3 songs already present in the demo, as a result of a journey from the instinct that expresses the essence of this band: its versatility. From the most ruthless and aggressive extreme metal, to the most fiery guitar melodies, they impose their dominion through a sound that traps the senses with its irresistible insinuation.

Marios Iliopoulos, founding member of the Death Metal band Nightrage, contributes the typical passion of a south European guitarist adorned by the subtlety of the Gothenburg school of playing, creating a magnificent guitar solo for the song "Bring Me Horror" which fits perfectly with the concept of the band.


FENRIS – Rhythm & lead guitars
ÉADROM – Bass guitar & backing Vocals